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Simple epublishing Services for Agents

If you are an Agent, easyepublish can help you and your Authors by providing simplified epublishing services for backlist and front list titles. We provide Agents with an easy way to get their Authors on line and to start epublishing in as little as a few days. And Agents maintain the close working relationship they share with their Authors.

easyepublish provides a full set of epublishing services to you so your clients can spend more time writing and less time navigating the complex world of epublishing. Services include:




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Agent Benefits

Proven Authors using easyepublish directly have already sold more than 100,000 eBooks at major eTailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore, Kobobooks, and the Sony eReader Store. These same easy-to-use tools and services are now available to Agents.

No Headaches Our services include eBook formatting to meet all our eTailers' requirements, submission to all the eTailers, revenue tracking and distribution, and full, transparent reporting of sales results. If you need to make changes to your eBook or the associated information, it's a snap. And it's all in one centralized location.

Turn-key Additional fee-based services are available for scanning, proofreading, cover design, and marketing and promotions of eBooks. Our monthly financial summaries make your accounting easier. We automatically generate splits and reports in one unified process, so you don't need to spend the time and effort to calculate sales information and eTailer exchange rates and digital delivery fees. We do it all for you.

Low-cost easyepublish charges no up-front fees for primary services, just a 15% fee on eTailer remittances for eBook sales. Vital add-ons like ISBNs are also low-cost, we'll provide your eBook with an ISBN for just $2.50.

Outstanding Service At easyepublish, we know that getting all the details right can be tough. We make it easier by putting you in contact with real people - we'll help you to get your books epublished quickly and efficiently.

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How It Works

The Manuscript Start with either a hard-copy book or a .doc or .docx file. If it's in hard-copy book form, we'll get the manuscript scanned for you, and get a skilled proofreader to copyedit the scan. We've developed software tools to identify the most common scanning problems, so our proofreaders get the job done right. You can also have us proofread a manuscript that you bring to us as a .doc or .docx file.

Cover and Metadata Once the manuscript is ready, it's time to create the cover and the supporting information (we call this "metadata"). easyepublish provides cover design services (for a fee), or you can use your own cover designer. You'll need to create metadata including a book description, price, key words, author bio, and author photo.

Upload and Format The next step is to upload the proofread manuscript, cover, and metadata to the easyepublish website. We have easy-to-use tools that will format your eBook and add other needed pages such as the table of contents, title page, copyright page, and about-the-author page. This whole process normally takes less than 10 minutes.

Distribute to eTailers We then take the formatted eBook, perform a quality check on it, and then distribute it to the eTailers that you've chosen. Most eTailers will have your eBook available on their site in less than 48 hours, though times do vary.

ePromotion and Sales Anyone can then purchase your eBook from the eTailer sites - easyepublish doesn't provide a retail storefront for eBooks since we don't want to be in competition with your best sources of revenue. Optionally, easyepublish can provide low cost marketing packages to help you or your author do online promotion of the eBook. We've found that even very popular authors benefit from actively promoting their content. At the very least, we recommend that authors have a website and Facebook page, and that they maintain an reader email list. We provide detailed sales reports and data visualization to give you and your author helpful insight into your eBook sales.

Distribution of Remittances Most eTailers remit payments to easyepublish for eBook sales 45 days after the end of the month. We process those payments and distribute them normally within 15 days of receipt. easyepublish takes a 15% fee from the eTailer remittance. We can distribute payments directly to the author, agent, or both.

Manage Your Titles You'll be able to manage your titles and keep track of your sales in one convenient place, allowing you to easily make changes and updates and provide timely updates, feedback, and data to all of your clients.

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