Formatting Hints

To get the best results, follow these simple rules for pre-formatting before you upload your manuscript.

  • Remember that readers can change the fonts, font sizes, and spacing on their devices, so your book won’t look exactly the same to the reader as it does to you using your word processing program on your computer.
  • Set the paragraph style of the book title on the title page to Heading 1.
  • Set the paragraph style of all chapter titles to Heading 2.
  • Set the paragraph style of all text paragraphs to Normal – use single spacing, include a 0.3” indent for the first line of each Normal paragraph, and ignore "Widows and Orphans."
Click to zoom Word formatting screen   Click to zoom Word formatting screen   Click to zoom Word formatting screen
  • Don’t have a table of contents in your manuscript – the page numbers will change depending on the reader’s settings. The formatting workflow will automatically add a table of contents that’s compatible with the various eBook formats and you can modify the Table of Contents text.
  • Use paragraph styles to define indents – don’t use spaces or tabs.
  • Turn off “Widows and Orphans.”
  • If you find yourself typing lots of spaces to move, format, or place text, stop. It’s likely that you won’t get the results you’re looking for when your book is on an eReader. Remove spaces and tabs that aren’t part of the normal text flow.
  • Don't use page numbers - they don't make sense when you're resizing and reflowing an eBook on a reading device.